Hmm...need help

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  1. Pic 1. Bought at Nordies a couple weeks ago. Yummy, sturdy leather. No lining, but I thought it would be a cute summery bag. By Motif 56. (??)

    Pic 2 Kooba Chiara in Cognac. I sent it back. I didn't like the style or the way this color scratched.

    Pic 3 Kooba Sienna in Desert (newest color) Just got it delivered today. I like it, but I am afraid that it looks like it has jaundice. It can scratch too, but because it's lighter, they don't show hardly at all, they just blend in. 2nd pic of this bag is the truer color.

    Pic 4 Mulberry Roxanne in Oak. (Keeper) If I keep bag in pic 3, is this color overkill? Is the Roxanne a summer bag with shorts? Or nay?

    Thanks ladies and gents!!

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  2. I'd send back the Sienna- I think that they look too much alike. Then take the money and buy something in a lighter color/fabric for summer. I tend to carry a lot of bags year round and make all kinds of fashion faux pas so I can't answer the question about the Roxanne-
  3. I say return the Sienna--the color looks a little odd and you don't sound enthused about the bag. The Chiara and the Nordy's bag are similar in shape. The Nordy's bag is a cute summer, casual bag that I don't think should have cost more than $250--but that's just my take--if you spent more and love it--keep it. The Roxanne is a nice year around bag--so I think you should keep it. I think between the Nordy's bag and Roxanne--you're set for bags in that color family.
  5. Thanks, Wicked. :biggrin: I'm not enthused about the bag...the color is just 'off' for some reason. This will be the third Kooba I will return...don't think I will order anymore. :P

    The Nordie's bag was $188. :nuts: They had one one sale on AE, I believe...but it was a lighter color and different style. IF makes one, but it has flower prints on the panels, and they leather is different. Plus, it's about 200% more than this one in price! :wacko:
    It's not lined...but still, something about it makes my heart skip a beat. :love:

    I am for sure keeping my Roxanne, for ever, and ever, and ever!! Someone will have to pry it out of my hands and run like the devil to get it away from me. :evil:

    Thanks again. :smile:
  6. Yes, I'd return the Sienna. the mulberry is damn cute.
  7. i like the 1st, don't like the sienna at all.
  8. BTW- fantastic pictures! isn't it lovely???
  9. I love the mulberry. It would look great with casual clothes...very casual bag.

    Love the first one...very unique/cute.

    I'd send the kooba packing! I don't like that color either!
  10. my cousin has the mulberry.....and its absolutley GORGEOUS!!!
  11. I love the Roxanne and the Sienna. The cool part about a distressed bag is that you really can't hurt it, just adds to it characther. i am still getting used to buying something brand new to already look worn!
  12. I'd return the Sienna, I don't like the color that much.
  13. I'd say sienna too. I really like the mulberry
  14. I agree, the Sienna.
  15. I have the Chiara in green. I really like it, and it's very light which is a MUST for me.