Hmm- minor dilemma in my LV!

  1. Hey y'all--- haven't been here for a while...but if the saying goes "you can take the LV AWAY from the lady, but you can't take the LV OUT of her"

    HI- my fav authenticators Rebecca and John!! :heart:

    Anyways! I need help deciding! I can buy (another) MC Zippy or I can buy (another) Speedy 30 in Mono or even save my money for (another) MC Speedy....

    I'm so torn, partly b/c I SUCK at saving money.....inclusions de-rail me ALL the time....should I let MC Speedy become my HG for LV? or should I spend spend spend on my fav (of all time) wallet MC Zippy or Mono 30??????????

    Help an LV addict out!
  2. and if you ask why I'd re-buy "ANOTHER" speedy, zippy.......blame it on Balenciaga or Chanel :blush:

    Oh! And I've gotten to 6 THOUSAND posts here in your beloved LV's like I've done a whole 360!!!!
  3. hi stranger! *waves*:lol: Congrats on your 6k post!:party: You are not getting the metallic RED/NAVY/Black/GREEN, or Pink/Yellow w/SH Flap?? :graucho:

    Just teasing:rolleyes: Depends on if you need another wallet or not, if wallet is not in shortage, I'd save for MC Speedy. Sure it's more cheerful and fun than solid colored Chanel/Bal :devil:
  4. Some pictures of past purchases that HAUNT me!! Need help deciding!!!




  5. Classic- you're such a mind reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just earlier today I waitlisted for a Metallic NAVY 228!!!! :wtf:

    hey~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't HATE on Bal!!!!!!!! hahaha!!! but you're completely correct. Alaska need's a new wallet but :drool: 's over all the post's of MC Speedy's!!!! That's when JEALOUSY pours over my top and I head back to Bal or Chanel............

    Thanks on the 6K posts'....... been one 'heck of a year' for Alaska!!!
  6. hellllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- LV ALWAYS has the most members 'active'

    Need help!!
  7. I'd get the mono speedy now for a quick fix! You can save up for the MC later.
  8. haha, what about Azur for a quick fix? not as colorful as MC, but can easily be one w/aid of accessories of charm, bandeau?
  9. btw it's 4 AM here lol Can't sleep cuz this is too addictive :shame:
  10. :lol: Alaska, you crack me up.

    You seem to want the MC Speedy slightly more than the, perhaps save for that? Or maybe buy the zippy now..and start a coin jar for the Speedy! :lol:
  11. lol!! I want too!! I mean *wow* I'd be able to get another LV, but at the same time I could save that (f***) $650!!!

    Classic- :lol: I guess I forgot to mention- I have an Azur 30 coming next week (sorry, don't know why I posted an Azur 30 pic, lvoe that bag regardess anyhow!)

    LV is addictive.....................but what about constantly checking *bay for bbags or Chanel.....I fell ya!!

    hahahahaha!!! does Paypal accept big huge coin jars? lol~~ just kidding....but yeah--- I can save...I'd just need motivation b/c as a TRUE bag addict.... I'd be like "Alaska- you can buy a bbag city and a coin purse with that" or "Alaska- you can buy like 3 regular Speedy's with that"

    I think I'm leaning more towards saving for that HG LV------ black MC Speedy with tons of whites, blues, and purples!!!
  12. Pre grats for the Azur:party: instead of MC Speedy, have you thought about the S/S 08 water color speedy w/vachetta? *think* that's under 2k :graucho: you can see I'm no help for you hehe
  13. Classic- quit clogging my thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers: j/k- I love my TPF'ers opinions dearly!!!!!

    and it's crazy- the past few days I thought to myself- WHAT THE HECK- GO L.E.!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean- I've done it before with two silver Miroir Lockits!!!

    plus I love the new version of MC speedy, completely different style and expression from LV period!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah- you are no help- to my question but you bring on *FRESH* ideas. And maybe that's what I need? :upsidedown: ....... still kinda confused!!!! hahahahahaha!!!
  14. hehe, just want to save you some headaches by giving you ALL the options so you don't have to think again :graucho:
  15. alaska, i am not a fan of the mc speedy personally, i would def get either the mono, or the new watercolour speedy. pre-congrats on the azur!