Hmm, Macy's

  1. Today I went to Macy's so I could check out some of the Dooney and Bourke bags. As I've said before, I'm not that much of a D&B fan, but with all these women and girls carrying them these days, I decided to check how their quality was. But when I was examining the bags, an SA kept looking at me, as if my hands were dirty and not worthy to touch it. As if! And when I left I knew she walked back to where I was to see if I did any damage. Normally I'd expect this kind of suspicion from somewhere really high end, but this was Macy's. Then again, there wasn't any customers really looking in the handbag department, so maybe she had nothing better to do.

    I did notice, though, that a lot of the bags said "Made in Italy." I thought they were made in China (?). Most of the coated canvas leftover were the annoying Hearts and Stars designs that I can't stand (sorry for those who do like it). There were no leather bags but the denim bags seemed kinda nice ($91 for a nice, big denim bag). Overall, the bags are of decent quality, but I won't be switching over to their lines any time soon.

    Just thought I'd like to share this with you all since there was a Dooney vs. LV discussion before. ;)
  2. Hey there! I work at Macys and most likely since you said it was dead the SA was just recovering since that's what we're told to do when its not busy anyway. Otherwise if she did think you made a mess and all that nonsense, then I am sorry. :sad:

    As for the Made in Italy thing, are you sure they say that? The Dooneys at my store all say made in China or assembled in Mexico.
  3. Hi! Actually, I did a double take, and the bags did say "Made in Italy." I swear I'm not lying!
  4. ugh I can't stand either Macy's or Dooney

    imo Macy's has gone down in quality since it corporately look over the world
  5. Agreed about Macy's. I was very disappointed!
  6. Don't even get me started on Macy's! I have been waiting since April to get a ring sent out and they don't even return my calls (even though they were happy to keep my money!! It has taken someone to intervene on my behalf to get things moving. Defo won't be buying anything of any sort from them again!
  7. Macy's quality has definitely gotten worse, but I think it has to do with a lot of department stores. I remember when Robinson's May used to be pretty good, and now they're nearly gone.
  8. Dooney & Bourke does have some items that are made in Italy. I remember buying a metallic fuchsia Nile top handle flap bag a few years ago and it was made in Italy.:flowers:
  9. Federated (Macy's company) bought the May company, that's why Robinson's May is gone; it is now a Macy's or was closed.
  10. ^^Funny bernz84. I did the exact same thing after the LV vs D&B discussion. Was fondling:P the D&B's at both Macy's and TJ Maxx and noticed the Made in Italy stamp on some of the wallets and purses. (The nile line as mentioned earlier. There is also an Alto line that is Made in Italy) AND I notice that some of the purses have RIRI zippers. The quality was good and made me re-consider a return to my first love.
  11. Good to know. :yes:

    pejcharat-- Even though I don't really like the designs of D&B, I always like to try something out just to see what the big fuss is about (and I just saw an IT black bag today at the post office, now that I think about it). I think that D&B's more subtle designs are actually more attractive than the IT bags or the other canvas coated ones, but it seems as though everyone just wants to get one with a monogram (at least, where I live).
  12. Our local department store - Meier & Frank - just switched over to Macy's....much to the disappointment of many, many Oregonians.

    I took a stroll through to see what was different. Far less merchandise...higher prices...and an SA who planted herself VERY close to me and stared daggers while I was looking at jewelry. She clearly thought I was going to steal something.

    NOT impressed with Macy's!
  13. That's ALL we have around here: Macy's! In the immediate area we have 6 of them and they have the worst stuff! (Although I do like the Polo Ralph lauren section) But then again shopping really sucks around here: the only decent stores we have are a couple Nordstroms and Coachs'.
  14. I've been to stores such as Nordstroms and Saks, and I've never had anyone come up and spy on me. It might have been that I was with friends.

    ValleyOppressed--I live in Southern California, and I can't agree with you more. I have a Nordstrom's but it's a bit of a drive to get there (especially when there is another mall closer by). The Coach outlet is near my work but far from my house; any other designer store I have go at least 90 minutes (on a good day) to get there!
  15. Jewelry is a lease dept., usually there isn't much Macys or any other customer service can do to help. It is better to buy from an actual jeweler or even Costco if you are buying any bling bling.