Hmm, is this appropriate to ask a SA?

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  1. I'm looking at buying the Marilyn for my birthday. If I don't like the color combo on the bag they give me, can I ask for another one? I'm not too picky but I want pretty colors on the front, like pink and blue and purple... not black and green.
  2. you most definitely can! i am SUPER picky about my color combos on MC. if they give you a hard time about it, ask for another SA to help you. my SA actually called another store to see if there was the color combo i wanted.
  3. totally acceptable! i personally ask them to bring out 3 to show me and if any of them doesn't work, i will request for more or check out other stores. you won't be satisfied until you see the "perfect" one and you will know it when you see it! i've been shopping for a mc bag (not the marilyn tho) and have been searching hi and low for the right combo. it's very understandable to most SA's since the MC has such variety compared to the damier or monogram that just looks the same overall from bag to bag. keep looking until you find one! good luck!!

    p.s. i agree w/ caley...if a SA gives you a hard time...move on to another one.
  4. I think its fine to ask since you are paying a lot for the purse. It's better to find one that you really love otherwise you might not be happy with it later on.
  5. sometimes sa's get so uppity. I say it's ok to ask them ANYTHING. They are there to serve you! I've actually been in the NYC flagship several times when celebrities have come in and they go crazy and start pulling boxes out from everywhere.
  6. I totally think it's appropriate. That is what I'm going to do when I buy my MC bags in the future. I want either one pink LV at the front or a good colour combo for the LVs at the front!
  7. A lot of people have done this before... it won't hurt to ask!
  8. Heck, I'll even ask for another bag exactly the same just so that I can choose the better one! I did that with my Pomme D'Amour Roxbury Drive and inspected each one before choosing one. And then I liked the strap better on the other one, so I made her switch straps for me too! :whistle:
  9. yup totally acceptable and appropriate to ask! makes the purse extra special when you get the color combo that you want :smile:
  10. :yes:It's ok to ask.. I already asked my SA and he said when I'm ready to buy my first MC he'll find me the perfect color combo!!!
  11. Of course you can ask, they are used to that request by now!
  12. I can't imagine some of the things the SA's are asked to do, so in comparison, this is probably not such a difficult request.
  13. YES that's fine to ask. You're spending a lot of money on it, it won't be a big deal to take a little extra time getting the one you want. Otherwises you'll always be looking at it and wishing that you had just asked for the one you wanted.
  14. its your money so for sure don't feel werid asking, you should love what you buy. ask away.