Hmm is the dark silver 228 reissue a limited edition??

  1. A friend of mine reserved this bag at the Chanel Singapore boutique and apparently, they kept telling her it's a limited edition. Unfortunately, as she tells me, whether it's a limited edition or not would influence her decision to buy it since limited editions definitely fetch more on the resale mkt.

    I know this isn't the first time they're doing dark silver, didn't it come out in 2006? So is this bag a limited edition or is Chanel Singapore just "hyping up" the bag? Appreciate the help ladies..
  2. don't think it is a limited edition. It is "limited" because a lot of stores did not order this size. The 226 and 227 sell better IMO.
  3. I thought so, thanks for your help!
  4. yep i agree, i don't think its limited edition either? the 228 size has been around since the reissues were first, well, reissued :lol:
  5. I agree with Nightshade, sometimes SA says things just to push sales...
  6. i don't think it is limited :smile: