Hmm...iffy about my RM green MAM

  1. My MAM in evergreen finally arrived yesterday and I'm in two minds about it. It's a beautiful bag no doubt, but I'm wondering if I should have gotten it in another colour instead. I am having a bit of a mental block about matching! I wear a lot of black and somehow can't get out of the black/brown/neutral rut when it comes to bags (and shoes).

    Somebody tell me I made the right decision to buy it in green! :confused1:
  2. Do you have a photo to post here? Having its picture definitely will help.
  3. I also bought an evergreen MAM. It is an absolutely gorgeous color but that is the only thing about the bag that grabs me. I find it a little too simplistic maybe. I'm pretty sure it is eBay bound if I don't have a change of heart. The color is the one thing that makes me want the bag. The Bag's style is what is stopping me.

  4. Here's a picture:

  5. I like the style and the colour, I'm just not sure if I can pull it off matchily! I suppose it's a matter of getting used to the idea of carrying a bag that is not white/brown/tan/black.

    I also do accessorise a lot...
  6. matching perfectly is overrated...if you love it and think it works with the outfit, then rock it. it doesn't need to be completely cookie cutter matched. good luck deciding. :flowers:
  7. I love the shape and simplicity but not the colour but I'm not a green-lover anyway. IMo if you don't love it exchange it for another colour because it'll end up sittin in your closet anyway or selling on eBay with a loss.
  8. I think this deep green is very unique and pretty. Since it is a earth-tone color, it should go well with black, brown or beige color clothing. My humble opinion -- as long as you don't wear a lip stick red color of clothes, this bag will be fine.
  9. i think the color is beautiful. i have the MAM in Royal Blue and i absolutely love it.

    in terms of matching i think the Evergreen can go well when you're wearing simple outfits or even a little black dress. let us know what you decide. :smile:
  10. The color is gorgeous!
  11. Wow looks like many love it! I guess I just need a bit of time to get my head around it! :smile: I'm taking it out with me today for a start.

    I do love the shape of the bag and its simplicity and am already plotting to get another one in wine or black when the hub unit isn't looking!
  12. Don't try to match it to your outfit, use it to add an accent color. It is perfect with any color except green. That would look like a bad attempt at matching.
    I think a nice-colored bag is the best thing in the winter, especially if your coat is black or brown.

    Keep it!! It's beautiful.
  13. Love the color. It is so cool to just wear something that give you a little more "personal edge" out there. Get known for being the girl who has the courage to get "real" compliments. Cool bag, gorgeous green. Don't even worry about what you wear with it.
  14. Love the color!!! I never worry matching my bags to my outfit. Then again, I'm just a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. I hope you keep it : )
  15. Me neither. I hate looking too matchy-matchy! I would definitely use it as an accent color. As someone said, I wouldn't wear it with green...might be a bit much.