hmm...If I wear a lot of jeans, should I get blue or violet??

  1. so..the dilemma earlier about the 3 colors..
    ink, blueberry and violet
    i've eliminated ink. It's a beautiful color but I thought about can look black when it's really dark just like my cafe..
    so I figure some subtle color would be nice :yes:

    and then I thought..okay..I wear a LOT of jeans..
    which color would look better with jeans??

    Violet or Blueberry?

    please help again, lovely ladies!:love:
  2. My vote would be blueberry.
  3. I don't like for my purse to match my jeans, so I say violet.
  4. I like both!! And they both would look great with jeans... I have blueberry - and violet has intrigued me as well. I agree with the fact that you already have cafe, which is fairly dark like ink - so you could get something that will lighten things up...

    Could you swing getting a blueberry now and trying out the violet when they become available?? Or is it an "either, or" situation??

    I don't think you could go wrong with either!! What colors do you typically wear on top?? If you wear alot of jeans, blueberry would almost become a sudo-neutral, so violet would pop more, but stand the chance of not going with everything.....

    How's that for a long explanation?? :p
  5. I will go for violet as well, i prefer not to match the color to close to the may not outshine the bag.......:heart: :heart:
  6. For my jeans, I prefer to wear my Caramel CITY. It's very cowboy/ distressed.:yes:
  7. I have finally broke in my blueberry work and I LOVE it and I have been wearing it with everything...whether it matches or not.
  8. Ink gets my vote!!!:yes:
  9. I'd get Violet- I think it would look beautiful with jeans!:yes:
  10. I agree!!!
  11. Violet since it contrasts the color of jeans more.
  12. definitely violet! as celia_hish and kittenslingerie mentioned, i don't like my bags (or my shoes??) to match my jeans... too much blue? maybe if it were grey jeans then it would look really good with the blueberry. :smile:
  13. Another vote for Violet! I agree as all the members above mention; don't like too much blue going on with jeans and blue bags.
  14. I'd get Violet. I just spent up BIG on an 05 Indigo Twiggy and it's the same colour as a lot of clothing in my wardrobe. I prefer my Bbags to be a stand out contrast, so I am going to have to part with her. I waited sooo long for an Indigo in excellent condition too :crybaby:
  15. I would go with violet but trust me, Ink looks fabulous with jeans. I wear mine all the time