hmm, i'd like to do something nice for my SA...

  1. she's always so helpful and calls me and offers me new things coming out, and she was so patient when i was being extremely picky last weekend so i want to do something nice for her. anyone have any ideas? what have other people done for their SAs?

    i work at a stationery store and i'd like to have some pretty notecards printed with her initials or something, but i don't know all her intials and i doubt if i called LV they'd give me that info. i know some people have sent edible flower arrangements...any other ideas? i like doing kind things for people :smile:
  2. I like the stationery idea. You don't have to use all her initials, maybe her first name is sufficient? Or a GC of some kind, even something simple like a Starbucks card is thoughtful and it's something she would probably use. Cute bath stuff is usually pretty safe too. HTH
  3. good ideas :smile: maybe i will stop by bath and body works, some of their stuff smells so good. i think i'll go shopping tomorrow for her. hehe i love doing things for people :smile:
  4. you think just her first name? or should i just do first initial? her first initial is V.
  5. I am the one who did the edible arrangement...I did that at the holidays, since so many of the SAs are good to me at Valley Fair, I wanted something the could all share. I have done chocolates, restaurant giftcard (for a place I have seen her frequent), for one SA who was having foot surgury a fluffy blanket and book.

    I do like the stationary idea, that would be cute.
  6. I like the stationary idea as would be perfectly fine to use her first initial.
  7. I've done gift cards and cookies but I like your stationary idea as well as the bath and body workd idea.

    Maybe you can call your SA and ask her to send you some of her business cards to pass out to friends. The cards have their first and last name....the receipt should also have her last name on it come to think of it.
  8. thanks for the ideas :smile: and yeah i'd like to do the stationery too but i'd just rather have all her intials so i could monogram it but there's pretty much no way for me to get that info, so it's either just her first initial or her name, and i don't know which would be better for someone like her. usually a name is better when you have first and last (which i don't have), not just her first name.
  9. hmmm, lemme look. i always thought it was just first few letters of her first name.
  10. i should have asked her for a business card, wasn't thinking. the receipt only has the first few letters of her first name.
  11. Interesting, the ones in Hawaii have hirst initial and all of last name. Weird!
  12. darn. lol it would be easy if it was like that here!
  13. Lol ours don't! It just has the first 5 letters or so of their first name.

    Anyway, maybe try asking for her card on the sly somehow so you can get her last name?
  14. ^^^I wonder why that is? I am going to ask the next time I go in which is hopefully tomorrow.
  15. well, if the SA's last name is on the business card, LV should have no qualms if i call and ask for it, right? i know it is, i have one from the store manager in scottsdale and her full name is on it.