Hmm. Help me choose?


Which should I get???

  1. Mono Amazone

  2. Mono Danube

  3. Mono Musette Tango

  4. Mono Saumur

  5. Mini Lin Danube (Ebene)

  6. Mini Lin Saumur (Ebene)

  7. Pochette Gange

  8. Pochette Bosphore

  9. Damier Pochette Melville

  10. Save your money or other... please state

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I know I'm on a ban :rolleyes: but I'm flying to my friends house for a couple of days and wanted a small, simple messenger style bag.

    Which one do you like???

  2. Musette salsa!

    edit: Okay, my bad, you had a poll...:shame:
  3. I like the Damier Pochette Melville.
  4. For small messengers I like:
    Mono Reporter $810
    Damier/ Damier Azur Naviglio $875

    Otherwise I vote for the mono saumer

  5. OOOO! I totally forgot about the Azur Naviglio! I love it!
  6. Mini Lin Saumur (Ebene)!!!!

    it's mega gorgeous!!
  7. I voted for "other" because I like the Azur Naviglio for a messenger bag. :yes:

    It is sooo beautiful! :heart:
  8. I kinda like the Saumur.
  9. I voted for the pochette bosphore. I tried it on in the store, and it's really quite cute!
  10. I voted for the Mini Lin Saamur. It's cute! ;) I'd go for that or the Azur Naviglio :yes:
  11. i like the tango, except in damier. seems kinda small, though?

    that azur naviglio sure is pretty, though.
  12. me too. i tried it on and i like it. a lot.
  13. I voted Tango but i also like the Bosphore, I looooooove the Naviglio, but its quite large and you said you wanted a small messenger hmm?
  14. I like the Pochette Bosphore!!