Hmm...HAC or 30cm for a shorter girly?

  1. Hello my lovely H ladies,
    I have a new dilemma so it must be Tuesday:lol:!
    I am torn on the sizing now...I am 5'4" with a medium frame (usually a size 4-6). I haven't been able to try on a HAC at my local store for comparison. I want my bag to elongate me and make me look taller and slim- would the HAC be better for this? I've looked through all of your lovely photos...but I need specific advice!
    Any help is appreciated:heart:
  2. I'm also 5'4" and I LOVE my HAC! I think it would work great for you!
  3. You are not short at all. HAC will look good on you.
  4. 5'4 is NOT short !! hhaahaa
    I am about the same height and I would LOVE a 28 HAC !!!
  5. I don´t know what 5´4 means but I´m 164cm (short) and I plan to buy a hac some day.
  6. 5'4 is not short! I'm sure it will be fab on you.

    Are you able to do a mockup from a cardboard or something if you are not able to try a real life one? That's what I do.
  7. How come I never thought of that! Such a good idea!
  8. Hah because you are not desperate enough, unlike me! :p
  9. Holy moly, I would kill to be 5'4"! Wear whichever bag you like - and remember the high heels!
  10. 5'3" here and about 110# and I LOVE the 28cm HAC! I think you could easily do either the 28cm or the 32cm!!!! Go for it!!!!
  11. Oh yes, do try a lovely hac! either the 28 or 32.
  12. I Think I Am 5,4 ( 1,64 +-). I Tried An Hac And A Birkin 35, And Liked More The Birkin. Hac Seemed Too Big. After That I Have Bought Two 30 Birkins Because I Feel More Confortable With That Size. And They Are Big Enough To Put All The Daily Stuff!
  13. Well, I'm 5'4" and have a 32cm HAC, 30cm Birkin and 35cm Birkin and think all are the perfect size for me. The 32cm HAC absolutely does give a longer, leaner look, and I adore it for that reason. That said, I also adore the 30cm Birkin as a light weight day-to-night bag, and the 35cm Birkin because it has such presence (and is great for work).

    If you can only have one bag, I'd go with the 30cm because it's the most versatile (day-to-night) of the these three. Otherwise, get 'em all!
  14. I like the idea too. :tup::tup:
  15. I'm Barely 5'1".....I Love The 30 (But Also The 35).....If You Want It To Elongate ~ Definitely The HAC!!!!!