Hmm, ex-colleague wants me to...

  1. a reference on job applications. BUT...

    So, a former colleague of mine just texted me saying, “I was going to put you as a ref. Where are you working now?” I understand he is looking for a new job, but the thing is, it’s been 10 months, we haven’t really kept in touch, and I don’t know him that well. Moreover, I didn’t get a good impression of him when we did work together—he was lazy, unprofessional, and I couldn’t take him seriously. I think he is a nice person, but I would not recommend him in any professional capacity. Besides, isn’t it courtesy to ask someone if they would be willing to be a reference?

    What would you guys do? :shrugs:
  2. He probably hasn't put you as a reference yet, because he doesn't know where you are. In any case, you can just ignore it - don't reply to his text. He will never know if you sent a reference, because the company he applies to will not report to him whom they did or did not contact.

    And you're right - it is decidedly uncool not to ask first. His bad.
  3. If you do write him back, tell him that you think someone more senior would be a better reference for him. If he knows you're on the fence, he will probably not use you as a reference. If he still does, and someone calls you, tell them that it's been a long time since you spoke and you cannot in good conscience give a reference for him.
  4. ^ Thanks guys.

    lorihmatthews, you always give such sound advice. :smile:
  5. Oh, thank you, you're so sweet! :love:
  6. I need an AOLamer-Style ME TOOOO! OMG! ITA! macro this evening.:lol: