Hmm. Didn't the judge just let him go?

  1. Tue Jan 8, 8:56 PM ET

    QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - Police say a Bucks County man released pending a theft hearing is accused of immediately stealing a car and driving away. Officials say 22-year-old Donald Strohm Jr. of East Rockhill Township had just been arraigned Monday on charges of stealing more than $1,000 worth of razor blades and over-the-counter medications from a Quakertown grocery.

    A judge said he could be freed on unsecured bail to await a preliminary hearing. But minutes later, authorities say he jumped into a car left running at a gas station and drove off.
    Police are still seeking Strohm. Authorities say anything that violates the conditions of his release — such as stealing a car — could mean he will have to pay bail or be locked up.

  2. Obviously the guy is a complete moron, I can't believe that the authorities say that he may pay bail if he is caught...I would have thought it was instant lock up after that escapade!
  3. What was he planning to do with $1000 worth of razor blades???