Hmm..decisions, decisions


Mar 7, 2015
Hey guys! So last week, I started my first so called "real job"! :yahoo::yahoo: It's only a summer job for now (I'm going back to school in the fall but there is a possibility of a part time position if they like me enough :lol:) but it's with an agency within the Government of Canada, which is such a huge deal to me since it's the agency that I'd like to join full time when I'm finished school. I really want to treat myself to celebrate getting this job since it was a long proccess. I was talking to my mom and mentioned to her that I wanted to get something from LV as a present to myself and she said that when she comes to visit in a few weeks, we can go check out the store.

I was thinking about getting a wallet but I'm not sure if I want a full sized or a compact. I really like the Emilie wallet but I don't really like how it has 4 card slots. I only have 4 main cards that I use on a daily basis but I always carry other cards with me just incase (like my AMA Membership Card, Costco card, Sephora VIB card, Air Miles, etc). Is there a spot in the Emilie wallet that I can put my extra cards? What other wallets would you all suggest? I'd honestly like to stay in the price range that the Emilie wallet is in. Thanks in advance!!


Jan 9, 2016
I love my Sarah wallet. I keep my most used cards at the front and use the many card holders for the other cards. Also check out the empreinte cles. It holds quite a bit.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
My 4 most used cards are put in CC slots at the front but I stuff the rest in the slip compartment at the back (where the canvas and the leather face each other. It works great providing you don't feel compelled to take every card in existence with you.
Another good option is the Clemence; it's just a little more than the Emilie but has 8 CC slots plus the 2 main compartments and then 2 slip compartments on either side.
I have both wallets and you can't go wrong with either, it just boils down to whether you would prefer a snap closure or a zipper.


May 12, 2013
Just make sure you are a long wallet person! I use to be but have been using the empreinte cles for over a year and love it. I bought the Clemence wallet in RB earlier this year and ended up selling recently. I actually loved the Clemence too. Held everything in order and was beautiful but was a pain to use after getting use to the cles. I have to say I love love love my empreinte cles! Good luck and congratulations on the new job. [emoji4]
Mar 8, 2016
Congrats on your new job! I'd vote for the Clemence, love that it is so thin and still fits all the stuff of a full sized wallet. The zipper is a definite plus!


Mar 16, 2016
I have the insolite organiser and the storage is never ending lol good luck with your tough decision.