Hmm...Damier or Mini Lin?

  1. So some of you know I am obsessed with getting a Damier Speedy 30 - already have a Monogram Speedy 25 (which I do still love) - but I've been looking at the Mini Lin Speedy and it's sort of growing on me. For those of you that either have both or have seen both IRL - which would you choose if you had to make a choice between the two? Which is easier to take care of ..... though I'm thinking probably both compared to the Monogram.

    I should be purchasing end of next week or the week after (I am SO excited - this will be my very first brand new purchase from Louis Vuitton dot com) -

    THEN - I've noticed alot of you put keychains on the outside - the look is so cute! What do you think would look good with the Damier .. or the Mini Lin?

    Sorry for all the questions .. I don't have a store close by, I don't have ANY friends irl that own LV's ... so I can't look at anything with my own eyes ... :tdown:
  2. I like the damier better ... actually just bought one, I also considered the mini lin, I looked at their display and actually had some fuzzies and snags on the material, so I passed on it. IMO the damier is easier to maintain and definitely should last longer.
  3. I have both but prefer Damier. Much much easier to take care of! Mini lin is fabric so it may be prone to stains and snags if you're not careful. I glam up my damier with a fleurs keychain and the pink speedy inclusion keychain on my mini lin.
  4. I LOVE the Mini Lin, but in the end I think I would go for Damier if I had to choose...I think it'll last a bit longer. I love them both with the pastilles!
  5. I vote for.......

    I love my Min Lin's
  6. I would get the mini lin AND the damier! hehe Sorry I am no help...ok wait I change my mind: MINI LIN in ebene! I got mine a couple weeks ago and I use it everyday and am not tired of it yet! It's so beautiful and easy to take care of and I can't stop staring at it.
  7. Still undecided .. I just like both .. This is what I hate - having time before my purchase to look at other things and getting confused on what I want!

    I'm hoping that the 30 isn't too big for me. I'm 5'4" - average weight (about 135) -
  8. ^If you are def. getting a 30, I would go with the Mini Lin. I am 5'2", and I think the 30 in any canvas feels like a suitcase on me. But I have the Mini Lin Ebene, and it's much more floppy and soft, and it's the perfect size! So I'm changing my vote to MINI LIN!

  9. I already have a 25 and while it's alot roomier than I thought it would be .. it's filling up .. quickly. I just got a agenda and with that on top of everything else in it - it's just full ..

    I don't think I can fit anything else in it! I have to get a 30 but I don't want to feel like I'm carrying around a small suitcase either. I've seen some of the pictures of you tPFers with your 30's and it looks good! Just hoping it looks as good on me.

    It'll be my everyday bag - because after this purchase .. this will be it for a long long while. :sad: So .. is the mini lin hard to stay clean if you use it every day?!

    BUT I get to get a speedy and a keychain charm so ... I think I should be good. I'll have my Chanel and my Speedy 25 to change to if I get the urge.

    (but .. does the ban ever stick? Seriously .. I'm wondering that after this purchase .. I'll be on the hunt for my NEXT purse! :push:smile:
  10. the Mini Lin Speedy has grown on me too, so i'd vote for that right now! :graucho:
  11. Yeah... the mini lin is growing on me too. I just hate that it sags SOOO much.
  12. I prefer damier. I think the mono pastilles extender looks so cute on the damier.
  13. i second that ;)
  14. I have both and love both but I get more compliments on mini lin
  15. Love mini lin, and I think a Pomme d'amour vernis cles would look fabulous on either one!