Hmm~~ Could this be the Met Dark Red Reissue?

  1. If yes, it looks darker than I have expected. I really hope there will be another Bordeaux~ But who knows, wait till I see it IRL! :lol:
    chanel 228 dk red.jpg
  2. BTW, she looks so happy with it! This little lady really knows her goody! LOL!


  3. [​IMG]

    Oh mine.....the red looks really darker tone:wtf:

    Btw, i love the little gal modeling the reissue bag, she's so cute:girlsigh:
  4. Aww, that little girl is too cute :smile:... and the reissue is enormous in proportion to her haha! :roflmfao: Hmm... it looks like it could be it... if so, I probably won't be getting it :smile:... looks a bit too dark for my liking (still looking forward to seeing it IRL though!), and I already have too many red Chanel bags as it is. :sweatdrop: :nuts: Hmm... I'm not really too familiar with LV, but the color reminds me of amarante, or whatever it is called. :smile: Where did you find this pic? :smile:
  5. Omigosh, too sweet! Could that little girl be my inner child? :p
  6. This shade reminds me of the red dior Gaucho bag somehow...Not as distressed as Gaucho though:smile:

  7. oooh I was really hoping for a brighter red, still exciting to see any new piccies tho!!!

    many thanks for the super cute post :biggrin:
  8. omg! where did you find that pic!? love the combination of leather + hardware...the chain almost looks rose gold in tone! but if it's not the metallic red, maybe it's the brown reissue that Minal saw in bloomie's lookbook. Maybe she can chime in?
  9. I love that picture! I'm actually more interested in the other bag though!
  10. i was hoping for something a bit more like the last bordeaux ~ still we have to wait & see it IRL ~ lovely pic ~ & clever you for finding it ~ :flowers:
  11. I saw this pic in the magazine too and I thought it is the metallic purple... or is it the lighting?? ... the bag is humongous...228 perhaps or bigger than that?
  12. me too missisa ~ now that's a red bag! ~ it's :love:
  13. I'm betting my drawers that's not the purple but most likely the dark red.
  14. It's looks like metallic purple to me as well, whatever color it is, it's gorgeous.
  15. I love it! Great picture, thanks!