hmm could this be another one of the 01 FB?

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  1. i just saw this...

    can anyone confirm if this style was produced also for 2001? if this is authentic and infact another 01 bag, then it's another piece of the missing puzzle for the balenciaga 01 collection;)

    the tag and buckle looks ok to me... (thoughts?)
  2. ^the auction states it's from 2004
  3. ^^hmmmm oh shux i missed that part..but the tag indicates it's part of the 01 collection (again, im not sure if this style was produced)'s impossible that it's from 04.

    Bal Ladies...your thoughts?
  4. hmm the hardware seems to match with 01 and 02 but i thought that only the black le dix was produced in 01.
  5. the tag matches both 01 and 02...again, not sure what's up with this bag...;)
  6. Could be that it sat at Barneys until 2004, or else that the seller doesn't remember correctly - both are possible. Bag must be from 01 or 02 though.
  7. I think we need LouiseyPeasey! Please mods, don't move the thread - this is a historical moment if we think this may be a real 2001 le dix. :sweatdrop:
  8. can you post the auction number?
  9. if it's this item number xx, i think it could be real, although it's strange it was purchased from Barneys in 2004...

    i've seen a pic of a striped le dix in harpers bazaar from an early ghesquiere collection...
    lemme see if i can dig it up...
  10. Can I also suggest that you move this conversation to the Authenticate This thread so you can talk freely about eBay auctions and specific bags :yes:
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