or buy? Which one should I get?

  1. Bid on this one and pray I get it for a good price? (Aiming for under $250)


    Or wait for this one to come to the store and buy it? ($328...but I have a $200 coach gift card to put towards it)


    Which do you like? Bid or Buy?
  2. Personally, I prefer the one without a stripe. I'm not a huge fan of the Sig. Stripe. But I'd go for whichever you like better!
  3. Hmmm,... I think I like the first one out of the two.

    And then you still have your Coach giftcard to use on accessories,etc!! :yes:
  4. The Sig. Stripe is nice but the first one is "Sassy"....go with your heart.
  5. Buy!
  6. Bid
  7. I'm a bit partial to the first one, but go with what you love. And I liked bags4bubbles' suggestion that you should bid now and then use your giftcard to buy more stuff!
  8. bid, baby, bid!
  9. Bid
  10. Thanks for the advice all!

    Think I'm going to bid...I can always buy later! (And I do like that gold! hehehe)

    *mwah* thanks!
  11. Good luck on your bid...I would've voted too that you should bid. I love the sig stripe but I prefer the first bag!