Hmm.. Are These New?

  1. Are these bags new? Does anyone know the name of the color of the trim?
    1.jpg 11.jpg 111.jpg
  2. I'm thinking Vermillion, maybe?
  3. I second vermillion those are too cute!
  4. do a search for "field bag" someone got one recently.
  5. I had the third one in your list. It is called the Signature Edie. It is a Las Vegas store exclusive as all of them are I believe. They come in that color and natural leather as well. They are quite small but functional bags.
  6. ^^Thanks... they're cute but not really my style. I just wanted to know if they were new or not because I was not familiar with the style and I came across them in the Drilldown.
  7. Those are cute! Sorry, I don't know if they're new. Try calling JAX with the item # and maybe they'll know when they're from.
  8. I saw them in January out there and I believe they were fairly new then.
  9. i have only recently seen the vermillion colour but those bags are cute.
  10. Very cute bags, love the first one.
  11. I have the second one, it's called the legacy field bag. The color is called "rust" - though it's much more red in person than orange. I did a post on it, but I don't know how to link to my post. I was told they only came in rust and khacki trim. Got it in vegas. Awesome bag, but definitely small.

    I could have SWORN that when I was in vegas in Jan I saw the first bag in a light pink trim, but I might just be imagining things.