hmm...any thoughts?...

  1. hey ladies,
    I found this picture at a dutch website. I don't seem to recall LV making this wallet in a longer version and it's not on the website of LV aswel...:confused1:
  2. Surely thats a fake? The catch seems really odd to me.. plus the symmetry is all off. Correct me if I'm wrong ppls :S
  3. yeah that's what i thought. I don't know if it's the picture or something but she sure said it's authentic....
    The thing is that it looks like the koala wallet but i don't thing LV also made a wider version.....
  4. Yeah it's supposed to be the Porte Tresor International or the Pochette wallet, but none of those have the Koala lock on them. That one is fake.
  5. Yeah I thought it was a Koala catch aswell but it seems much smaller than the other Koala's catch's..

    If anything the symmetry screams fake plus you couldn't find it on the website. If it's not in the catalogue then it probably didnt exist :sad:.

    EDIT : Thanks Lvbabydoll, I'm not entirely familiar with purse styles :smile:
  6. Yup yup, it's a fakey! This is what the result would look like if you put a PTI and Koala together, I guess...
  7. I could be a pochette lunettes as well? Anyways, it's fake the symmetry is all off!
  8. Too bad they don't make it though I love the Koala closure, very cute. But yikes this is certainly a fakey fake!
  9. Definitely a fake!!!