Hmm... another zippy... or __(fill in the blank)__ ?

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  1. #1 Feb 19, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
    The time has come... I'm craving another LV.. (oh noes! :angel:) even though I'm really supposed to save up for my 2010 bag... *sigh* :P

    I've decided that I need (... eheh... want) another wallet!
    At the moment I have a damier ebene porte-monnaie organiser (at least that's what I've been told it's call since it's discontinued) and a bleu nuit zippy...

    My first choice is a pomme zippy.. I would love another pomme item before it disappears for good! Thing is.. I think it's silly to have 2 zippy vernis wallets! Should I be getting a different style/leather??

    Vernis wise... I was thinking either the Sarah or French Purse...
    I don't have a mono wallet yet... so maybe the Emilie? (i'll prob get a pomme zcp if I choose this) or the zippy?
    Or if none of the above.. what do you recommend??

    HELP!! Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I would definitely go for the Vernis Pomme Sarah wallet! I have both the sarah and the zippy and like them both equally as well, I just think the pomme vernis looks so gorgeous on the sarah wallet....I don't think it's silly to have two zippy wallets though!
    If you decide to go with the Emilie (which is also gorgeous) I would pick up the Pomme zcp to go with, it would look great! I think all choices would be great but I vote for the vernis pomme sarah as number 1. Good luck with your decision!
  3. mono Emilie!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  4. POMME ZIPPY!!!!l
  5. Hmmpf! You're not much help are you! LOL just kidding!! Thanks for voting... Now I'm thinking... I WANT THEM ALLLLL :nuts::P hehehe
  6. Sarah wallet in Vernis!
  7. Vernis French wallet!
  8. sarah wallet in vernis gets my vote
  9. Sarah in pomme
  10. Need I say more:love:

  11. Vernis Sarah gets my vote! I got a pomme Zippy but it took me awhile choosing between the two!
  12. Pomme Zippy or ZCP! I have a Pomme ZCP and Mono Zippy and love them both... Zippies are great!
  13. Sarah!
  14. Are you sure you want another wallet?

    I have owned more than one in the past and just found that they sat around. Do you change out wallets and rotate them like your bag?

    Do you have enough "every day bags" in your collection? If not, I would definately say get a bag!
  15. pomme zippy