Hmm.. another LV- inspired bag?

  1. I was at the train station waiting for the train after class and when I turned to see if the train was coming yet, I saw a girl with a purple satin-like tote bag from American Eagle, which totally reminded me of the That's Love Satin Bag. It was the same shade of purple, outside pocket, sequined letters, etc.

    I just checked the AE website but didn't see it but I managed to find one on eBay. The pictures for the AE one makes the color look pink-ish? But it's definitely the same shade of purple. First Old Navy & Victoria's Secret and now American Eagle! :lol:

    Okay, don't know where I'm going with this but just wanted to share! :yes:


  2. There are a lot of inspired Speedys right now. Fendi has a satchel that looks exactly like the speedy (even has a Fendi Lock!) oh my goodness.
  3. Sheesh. When will it end? I hate seeing those bags. It's like why carry your grocery store brown sac when you can carry the real thing?! I saw the playboy version of the speedy at the mall. The huge luggage size. I mean the stupid thing would probably be the same size as my LOVESEAT! Ew. :push::tdown:

    *sorry for the rant!* :flowers:
  4. Yeah I've seen these at the mall.. kind of sad.

    Same with the Marciano bags for this season.. the nimbus bags anyone ?

  5. Well Lvs way cuter of course
  6. I agree......LV is way cuter!!!
  7. im sick of everyone, including that new terrible victoriassecret one, copying the speedy! its just embarassing! there is nothing original about it!
  8. *sigh* :nogood:

    They will never be able to top the QUALITY of LV no matter how many imitations they make.
  9. Ick, it isn't exactly a "fake" but I don't even like designer inspired items, they lack creativity IMO.
  10. Well, at least this one is less obvious than the other ones.
  11. LV is not original either. All designers whether high end or not take ideas from others. Don't get me wrong I love LV but I really don't see the big deal when someone puts out something that looks like something else. I am sure there have been many canvas totes before the LVoe ones.
  12. I saw a new display at Victoria's Secret and they had some bags that resembled the speedy shape (to hold their fragrances and cosmetics)..I was like, ugh how tacky!!
  13. Yep! :yes: And I agree with everyone else, speedies have been imitated a lot and way too much! :tdown: