Hmm, Agenda trouble

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  1. Hello, I need help on choosing an agenda, I have no more than £250 to spend (about $477 USD) and was wondering which agenda I should get (must point out this price is to include refills aswell) - preferably damier too. Does anyone have the desk agenda, and use that as a day to day thing? as i was kind of in admiration at the moment.

    Gracias for any help!!
  2. i use a medium agenda, and in my opinion that's the perfect size; you can take it around a little more easily. the desk agenda is a little big, plus it doesn't have the ring binder. if you want the ring binder, get the large agenda.
  3. I use the medium damier agenda every day and it's perfect! I have to say though, I do like filofax's options for weekly page refills better (though I buy the LV anyway) but I have a pretty busy schedule/job and the medium works very well...
  4. I love louis vuitton agendas, the map, the international clothes and shoes conversion size... so may usefull informations
  5. I love the medium agenda. I have it in Damier and it suits me very well.
  6. i have the monogram desk agenda that i use DAILY and RELIGIOUSLY! if i dont use it or have it with me at all times, i'm lost as to what i'm doing/whats going on. :smile: i forgot how much mine came out to be.. but it's worth every penny for me!