Hm ...

  1. Sorry, I don't know how to think of an appropriate subject line so hm it is. I was feeling down today so I decided to call around and look for a fuchsia ostrich bag (NOT BIRKIN/KELLY/JPG). As you all know, I hadn't had the best experience when it comes to CS but something different happened.

    I called one of the stores and this lady picked up the phone. I told her what I was looking for and how I really adored that bag (which is the truth) and we hit it off, just like that. It's weird because when I first said I was looking for something, she was a bit cold. But as soon as she found out the bag I was looking for, she became very helpful.

    We started talking about other stuff, stuff not related to Hermes. It was one of the weirdest thing! Then finally, she said that if the bag I was looking for didn't show up between now and January, she could ask her manager to place an order for this fuchsia ostrich bag (NOT a Birkin, NOT a Kelly, NOT a JPG either) next February!:nuts:

    Never in a million years did I expect THAT to happen! I had been told by one of the stores that exotics takes a long time even if it's not Birkin or Kelly. The fact that this SA, whom I've NEVER spoken with, offered to do that for me just blew me away. She even said she would call me in January to confirm everything.

    So, I am theorizing that perhaps it all comes down to luck ... If you can establish a rapport with the SA, if there's chemistry there, the hunt for exotic bags may not be as difficult ...:yes: Anyways, I don't know if I'll go through with it since I want to remain loyal to my store, but it's just nice to know that not everything is impossible:flowers:
  2. Wow - great news, Kou! soo, is it a Bolide? Plume Elan? hehe
  3. I was looking for a Plume Elan. Oh sheesh, I'm so predictable. I think I want one Plume Elan in fuchsia ostrich.
  4. LOVE THOSE PLUME ELAN'S, Kou!!!! Great choice!!!! OMG, it would look STUNNING! (am I using enough large letters?):yes: :yes: :yes:

    Nice choice....def nice choice! :girlsigh:
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Things are looking up, Kou!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Kou it's Karma......

    by the way, WHY do you want to remain loyal to your store, when they don't seem terribly loyal to you?????
  8. yay... so happy for you, kou!
  9. Kou.. i hope you get your ostrich DREAM bag.. i'm afraid if you get it in not Birkin, Not Kelly, Not JPG it just wont be the same!
  10. Yay! I'm so happy for you that you found a helpful SA!

    I'm the same with Kristie F. on why do you want to be loyal to your store, when you don't get the same service?
  11. Congrats Kou!! :yahoo::yes: Sounds like you hit it off!
  12. :wlae: fabulous my dear. yes in the end it is all about the relationship between you and the sa. and i am sure it helped that is was not a kebijpg;)
  13. See Kou...things are coming together!

    Lilach...miss you...where have you been?
  14. oh how sweet (missed all of you too)
    i was in berlin for some charity spatreatments and culture. i just needed that time for me due to the fact that even though i love my family and friends who are here in germany with me until the situation gets better in israel the house is packed and it can be nervewracking. :rolleyes: :shame: .
  15. Congratulations on making some headway! And if I were in a similar position, I'd seal this nascent relationship with a nice handwritten note.

    Best wishes!