Hlfinn - you did it for me!

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
Hi there, I am a complete newbie to this sub-forum but I have just this minute received a LV Passy in Black. I was looking for a classic, timeless and elegant bag for work and 'hlfinn' suggested I look at the Passy. Well, it was :heart: at first sight, smell and feel. I ordered it and it is here! Oh my, oh my, oh my - it is amazing.

I just had to share with a group of people I knew would 'get' my utter :yahoo:
omg omg omg I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! I am so glad you love it! it is a FANTASTIC BAG!

wear it in good health and enjoy!!!

aw that made my day! a new bag and a thread with my name on it!:yahoo:
Congrats on the new bag! Woooo hoooo! Wear it in good health! can you model it for us, I don't know how that one looks on ;) I'll settle for just a pic of the bag though if you are shy :smile: Or I'll come over and model it, I'm an exhibitionist, lol.

Hey Finn! I hope you are on the mend! I too was excited when I saw this thread with your name :smile:
I LOVE nyquil, it is the best valium ever. Only I don't take it when I'm nursing, I just suffer through the sniffles and coughs. I don't think i should have started a sentence with the word only, I totally don't remember how to write gramatically correct.

ok, what's on the horizon for you? I want to see a complete unedited detailed wishlist in your sig! Notice my vavin gm in there. I realized from what you said and also Frankie(bellabinkys) that I filled the quota on the hand held style and really could use a tote. There is one member here who has one and really looks beautiful with it, that was what nailed it for me, it's in the visuals thread.
sorry to hijack a bit here:
hi Nita, just wanted to say thanks for modeling your vavin gm in the visuals thread! I love how it looked on you! I see you have a red epi speedy in 30 maybe? Did you model that one in the visuals thread? That was a contender for me too, but thought a shoulderbag was in order. If you ever get a chance I would love to see that one on you. I wasn't sure about how the red in a 30 would look on someone as small as me, if it was too much red. But that's def. on the list still, I just love the speedy best, what can I say, lol.