HKG chanel

  1. Does anybody know if the prices in HK shops has already increased? or about to increase? thanks...
  2. Just came back from hkg 2 weeks ago,,, no, they havent increase their prices....
  3. Are the prices in HK cheaper than in the states? I hope to go in Feb. TIA!
  4. Oh I thought someone from HK mentioned that there's price increase earlier this month, around the same time when Canada increased the price. :confused1:
  5. FYI, I have just called HK chanel and they haven't yet increased their price. But the stocks in HK goes fast and it is always out of stock!
  6. They increased the prices for Paris Biarritz line in early Oct..... as I just bought mine so I was monitoring the price for this line for the past month... the SA called it "price adjustment" when I asked about the difference, it's about HKD1000 increase..

    no price movement for the other purses as far as I know....
  7. Thanks, bec i just got a large cambon in HKG and was thinking if i got a good deal, so far it seems like a good price at HK$13,300. us$1 = 7.7
  8. Hi, guys. Am a newbie. Just wanna know the price of the Timeless Clutch In Caviar Leather at any of the Chanel Boutiques in HK.
  9. Timeless caviar clutch in HK is HKD7800 now, price will increase on 1 Nov.
  10. Thanks for the info.
  11. noted with thanks.
  12. The caviar clutch is now HK$9300! Gosh!!!
  13. from 7,800 to 9,300??? wow!!! no wonder it was out of stock pre price increase.