HK tpf meet anyone?

  1. i just realized that not only are there a lot of tpf'ers from hk but a lot of you also come to hk to shop. was just wondering if anyone would be interested in an hk tpf meet? we can all have lunch and then go hit the boutiques? any takers?:yes:
  2. If it's in May/June I could make it but earlier than that, I can't!
  3. well, i live here so anytime any of you tpf'ers are here to shop, give me a holler!
  4. when i come back to visit HK, i have to contact some of you HK tPFers and go shopping together! i'm originally from there and visit from time to time. would love to meet some of you!
  5. Ohhh. I going to HK some time this summer (fingers xed). I def holler at you if i'm there. I love HK. I want to go to the new disney land. What's it like? I've been to Euro and Tokyo (and both in the US) but I want to go to all of them. I hear they're opeing up one in Dubai. IDK if i'l go to that one. Iwas scared enough going to israel and egpyt. LOL
  6. Aww...I'll only be in Hong Kong late summer/early fall. If there's another meet then I'll definitely go!
  7. haha... I'll be there in a months time (but with parents) and visiting relos
  8. hk disney is smaller- probably the smallest of all their theme parks. but my daughter loves it- she's 6 and has been to the parks in florida. i think as long as there are characters walking around, she'll be happy. definitely pm me when you are in town!:yes:
  9. OK makeupmama, you're on,
    I'll get n contact as soon as I decide when I'm going to HK this year (either June or November).

    I'll be there visiting friends who are living there temporarily.

    And I'll be visiting my buddy, Louis Vuitton as well!

    thanks for letting us know you're there!
  10. I m in HK and definitely would love to meet up let me know if it does happen !!
  11. just pm me! i will def make time for a hong kong tpf meet.
  12. Count me in too! Just PM me :yes:
  13. i'm in hk, let me know!
  14. Argh, wish i can joing you ladies! the food, the shopping, jealous!
  15. I'm in HK. Let me know if there's a meeting. :smile: