HK Shopping tips for SG gals

  1. hi,
    seeing that there seem to be quite a number of Singapore gals headed over to HK and in honour of how us fellow tpfers are duty-bound to share tips, i'm starting a thread about shopping tips in HK for SG gals. (i live in hk, but am from singapore, and so can compare some of the shops)

    BV Boutiques
    The mega shops are Landmark, Harbour City and Elements mall. (respectively, Central, TST next to the Star Ferry Pier and Kowloon station on the airport express line). these 3 shops are very large flagship stores, so you can get lots of stuff. (i think other tpfers have uploaded pics, especially of the landmark store which sits beautifully in the atrium) but it also means high traffic and the items literally fly out of the stores.

    If you are in the causeway bay area, get to Lee Gardens/Caroline Centre, where there's a BV boutique. It's along a row with Tod's, Miu Miu and opposite a large Chanel boutique.

    BV Discounters
    There are some discounters that sell BV stuff. These are genuine shops and not second hand things.

    the one that i find easiest to describe to visitors is TWIST. There's a large store in Central near Lan Kwai Fong, junction of Wellington Street and Wyndham Street. Although you won't have the whole boutique experience, Twist is quite nice and much better than an outlet mall. They carry multi brands, so you can find other stuff. (Prada, miu miu among others) I saw a pair of CL heels last week.

    There's another Twist in Causeway bay in World Trade Centre building, behind the large dept store Sogo.

    (but the Wellington street one is convenient if you're here on holiday. Can shop in twist, followed by a meal in Yung Kee, the famous roast goose restaurant along the same street. OR you can leave hubby to queue at Yung Kee, then pop over to twist!)

    Other brands
    Knowing that we aren't fashion slaves and mix high-low fashion, i'll even include mentions here about H&M and Zara

    H&M is along queen's road central. short walking distance from Landmark, or Twist at Lan Kwai Fong.

    Zara in HK is about 10-15% cheaper than in Singapore. selection is similar in summer, but quite different in F/W. so if you're here during the cooler months, worth a visit even though the brand is carried in both countries.

    Shanghai Tang is also cheaper here in HK.

    Roger Vivier has a boutique here in HK. i think one of the very few in asia (only?) it's in landmark.

    Prada and Miu Miu's boutiques in HK seem to carry a wider range of items, perhaps because of their stellar popularity in hk.

    Any other brands to mention?

    Don't forget to stop at Sasa to stock up on skincare. we BV gals are smart about our money since many of us earn our own keep, so it's smart to get a discount when we can.

  2. mrs DIY
    you are such a gem!
    thanks much!
  3. thanks so much, mrsdiy88, you are our heroine!
  4. can you be my shopping guide when i go to HKG!?! :p:graucho:
  5. awesome! thanks vm for posting this! :flowers:
  6. This is great, thanks!
  7. thanks mrsDIY88 i am going back to HK to visit next spring and you probably know more about HK shopping than i do now. would love to go shopping with you-i am trying to get more tpfers to come during that time....
  8. This is so great! Thanks for taking the effort to put this up for us, the SG gals!! I'm so looking forward to checking out these places!
  9. Thanks for sharing such great info. I will be in HK next week!:smile:
  10. You're such a sweetheart for posting these tips, mrsDIY88! Thank you! :flowers:

    I can't wait to go back to HK to check out H&M! Wants wants wants! And I never knew Zara was so much cheaper. It was about the same when I was in HK 2 years ago :shame:

    I can't imagine what sorta boost to the HK economy if we really manage to pull off the HK trip next year! :p
  11. this thread is making me want to go back to hong kong right now although i've barely returned from the last shopping trip. if only i knew zara is cheaper in hong kong - would definitely have a paid a visit. however, i did score some stuff at h&m so it's not too much of a loss. :shame:
  12. I'm going soon! Can't wait!
  13. hi ladies!
    you're all very welcomed! happy to be sharing tips around with fellow tpfers. a shopping trip sounds like an exciting idea (although quite dangerous for our wallets). hope it works out!

    hk is really a shopping haven. one of the reasons why Zara (and other brands are cheaper) can be easily traced to the 7% GST and the exchange rate. S$1 used to buy about HK$4.5, but now it's strengthened to about HK$5.2! so the sing dollar stretches further.

    (my DH says that when it comes to shopping, i'm suddenly such a whiz at exchange rates, conversions and arbitrage! hee hee)
  14. woohoo! heard the rate is much better now! $5.36..Must change soon! I'm so printing the entry you made and taking it along with me!
  15. hi pebz, do note that you only enjoy this exchange rate if you are paying in cash. if you use your credit card the banks charge the most ridiculous exchange rates! when i got my credit card statement i realised the banks used sgd1 = hkd5.26 instead of sgd1 = hkd5.36.