hk pricing?

  1. hi im heading to hk soon, i want to know how hk pricing work, do i get export tax when i purchase a lv item if so how much tax can i get off or the price at the store is final?
  2. There is no sales tax in Hong Kong
  3. yup, maybe you can call the LV customer service hotline at +852 - 25232915 to check the item that you want.
  4. Yeah, no sales tax in Hong Kong. What you see is the price is what you pay. It's awesome :tup: If you want to know certain prices, you can go to the website, click on the Chinese one (or Other countries) and email them and ask for HKD prices.
  5. is HK cheaper when you convert it to american dollars? would u recommend going to HK to buy an LV bag over other countries? which would be the cheapest place?
  6. It works out to be about the same. Since you don't have to pay tax, you do save some money but not much. For me, living in Canada, I don't see the whole point of buying a ton of bags there because when I did last time I went to Hong Kong, clearing customs was a total headache.