HK louboutin great deal

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  1. I'm in Hong KOng right now, I managed to buy Louboutins at ON PEDDER.

    From HK$7150 they were on sale HK$3600 I snapped them up.

    Photos when I get home.

    Size 39
    Very Prive 120 Glittart Calf

    Exchange rate right now is HK$7.45 is US$1

    So it's a pretty good price.
  2. Congrats!
    On my currency converter widget, it says $412
  3. Congrats! I love Burgundy shoes,:woohoo:and at a good price even better.
    Looking forward to seeing you new shoes:smile:
  4. Great deal !

    Can't wait to see them
  5. not a bad deal. post pics!
  6. can't wait to see pics!!
  7. Congrats on the great deal! Love Burgundy, love VPs looking forward to the pics!
  8. It is so bizarre to me that even with the weak dollar, shoes could be less outside US than inside? I am tempted to order from Paris or Hong Kong, because several people have listed their shoe purchase abroad and they were less, even with shipping...go figure?
  9. Congrats on ur deal!
  10. congrats! i contacted the hong kong boutique last week when another TPFer said they had the VP glittarts for a good price, and every size and color i asked about was sold out, so you got lucky!
  11. Yeah, I picked up a pair of Red Delics for HKD 2900. Too bad they grey ones were out of my size :sad:
  12. hahaha I also just got fendi bag - but that was full price.

    Am hoping over to manolo blahnik store later - the store sign says SALE!!!

    Will post pics when I get home. Unless I can figure out if my webcam can take pics to be posted, lol. I never use my computers built in webcam, sooo...

    They also have CL armadillo but it's not black but grey so did not take 2nd look - I think it's armadillo, i better go look again, lol.