HK louboutin great deal

I'm in Hong KOng right now, I managed to buy Louboutins at ON PEDDER.

From HK$7150 they were on sale HK$3600 I snapped them up.

Photos when I get home.

Size 39
Very Prive 120 Glittart Calf

Exchange rate right now is HK$7.45 is US$1

So it's a pretty good price.


Dec 7, 2006
New Jersey
It is so bizarre to me that even with the weak dollar, shoes could be less outside US than inside? I am tempted to order from Paris or Hong Kong, because several people have listed their shoe purchase abroad and they were less, even with shipping...go figure?


peace & love
Jan 23, 2007
Long Island
congrats! i contacted the hong kong boutique last week when another TPFer said they had the VP glittarts for a good price, and every size and color i asked about was sold out, so you got lucky!
hahaha I also just got fendi bag - but that was full price.

Am hoping over to manolo blahnik store later - the store sign says SALE!!!

Will post pics when I get home. Unless I can figure out if my webcam can take pics to be posted, lol. I never use my computers built in webcam, sooo...

They also have CL armadillo but it's not black but grey so did not take 2nd look - I think it's armadillo, i better go look again, lol.