HK Ladies or PST owners Help Pls!

  1. I just tried calling the airport, Lee Gardens & Pacific Place...Im trying to get the price of a PST and trying to ask what colors they have available (i will be in HK in about 10 days). They dont know what a PST or a petite shopping tote is. They are asking me from what season....This will be my first chanel so i have no idea what else to say so that they can understand what im looking for...Help!!!:confused1:
  2. I saw a black PST here in the states for $1295. That was a week before thanksgiving.

    Can you email a picture to your SA? When I can't describe exactly what I want, I just send an email. Are you working with someone specific?

    Maybe you could provide the style number for the exact bag you are looking for. If someone here has the bag you want, maybe they can help you with that.

    I hope you get what you are looking for! Sorry I can't help you too much.
  3. Maybe you can give them the model code.

    During my recent trip to HK in Nov., I see all classic bags, including PST in all stores. & mostly in black or not in beige. Good Luck!

    (BTW, I remember all classic bags are over HK$10,000 anyway)
  4. hi rica! i just came from the chanel store here in pacific place yesterday. they have the pst in both black and beige. the price is now hkd 11,000 (unless i read it wrong). good luck!
  5. Hey, thanks! Im really hoping DH lets me get a supposed to be on a ban. Totally off topic, hows the weather? Cold?
  6. i'm visiting in hong kong right now...are chanels cheaper in the states? or should i try to get one here?
  7. Prices are comparable. Some models are cheaper in HK, some are cheaper in the States. :yes: