HK girls and guys!!

  1. hey!! im going to hong kong in 19 days and im planning on taking advantage of the no taxes. because here its 15%!

    so can anyone tell me the price of the:
    speedy 25
    speedy 30
    mini lin speedy 30
    mini pochette accessoires
    pochette in damier azur

  2. If you really want to know the prices, you can go to the main LV site, click on the Chinese version (second or third link from the bottom) and contact them. They are very helpful with prices and usually respond in 1 day.
  3. Anyway, I THINK the Speedy 25 is $4900HK and the mini pochettes are $1700HK
  4. Shoot I also know Mini Lin Speedy. $5300HK

  5. OMG your tax is 15%? thats crazy high. I complain about paying 8.25%.
  6. speedy 25 is 4,600 HKD
    speedy 30 is 4,800 HKD
    pochette is 2250 HKD

    i went to hk last month and bought a speedy 25 in damier. i absolutely love it :smile:
    i love how in hk, there's no tax! plus, hkd is pretty cheap right now. i know what u mean, taxes can be pretty annoying. here in BC where i live it's 13%. crazy taxes.
  7. 15 percent tax is so high i pay 6 percent.
  8. I'm sorry, I don't know about the HK prices, but I'd like to contribute my displeasure with all kinds of taxes in Canada!!!! I dunno how my dad can stay in this country (which is beautiful otherwise) lol... Alberta's the best, you get like instant savings lol.
  9. I think it's plain ridiculous how Canada charges GST and then the provinces charge PST. Blah blah blah! I think PST and HST need to go!!!!

    I'm so glad I live in Alberta :heart:
  10. As of yesterday,
    Speedy 30 - 4,800 HK dollars
    Mini Lin Speedy - 5,300 HK dollars

  11. mini pochette accessories is HKD 1,700. have fun shopping here in hk. it's a great place for lv obssessed people. haha!
  12. Wow... I didn't know about the no tax thing. Now I want to go even more. *plots on how to get on his good side* Oh wait, our dear aunt is still there this month. My wallet is sooo in trouble. :p Nooo... gotta be good.