HK Chanel Girls, Help w Prices Pls....

  1. Hi Girls! Can you please tell me how much the GST, PST, Bubble Quilt Bowler & Expandable Bag like Jill has is....Thanks:heart:
  2. Hi Rica! (we got same names ;) )GST is HKD 14,400, PST is around HKD 9000+ (not sure, forgot) and the Bubble Quilt Bowler is HKD $23,700 (as far as I can remember from the look book).

    The expandable, out of stock here. Saw a black one only from Milan Station Secondhand Shop in Tsim Sha Tsui last time I got there, but didn't even bother to ask how much is it. LOL.

    Hope that helps! :biggrin:
  3. hey rica! you going to hk? me, too. iqaganda, also a filipina is from hk you can pm her to ask her your questions. she is a chanel fanatic! LOL
  4. hey there rica! long time no see. the pst (at the time i bought it) was HKD 9,300.
  5. ^LOL Jen! Chanel Fanatic?!?!?! AM I?!?!?! LOL!!!
  6. yah, havent seen you around the LV forum....does that mean you have converted:graucho:
  7. thanks so much rica!:tup:
  8. yah, i will be there in the August Sale over on HK still as goos as it used to be?
  9. As used to be Rica! No prob! Anytime! ;)
  10. When is the summer sale in HK? Esp Lane Crawford?
  11. i sure hope it is! i am going end of july. :graucho:
  12. Rica,

    HK Chanel store just received a lot of black expandable flap and the price is HK$22400. I bought one even though I got a black expandable tote. There is no other colors avaiable at this moment. But my friend from another forum told me that they are all sold out again.

    Bubble quilt is also sold out at HK store. You could try the store at airport, they should have stocks left.
  13. It's already on sale right now.
  14. not really. was just in manila for a couple of weeks so my internet access was limited. :graucho: i am back!!!! i want another chanel but i'm not sure which i want. do pm me once you're here.
  15. yup, the sale's been on at lane crawford since mid june. i got myself some cute rebecca sanver wedges for 50% off!!!