Hiya~ check this out~

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  1. Not the new edition, but how old it is? Anyone knows? Cheers:yahoo:
  2. I don't have a quilted ZC, but my regular ZC does not have leather pulls attached to the zippers...

    I don't know how old it is...but the color is beautiful! Congrats!
  3. i may be wrong about this since i'm not an expert, but the clutch looks fake to me. the 'marc jacobs' is off center and there are zipper pulls. i have a mouse zc, and i know that's one of the more recent colors, but mine never came with the pulls. i don't remember there ever being zipper pulls on the zc...
  4. I think on the fall 05 versions there was leather attached to the zipperpulls. If this has burgundy suede as the divider(I think), then the color is pearl, assuming the clutch is real.
  5. the font looks off to me, anyone else agree?
  6. Big big thanks ~~~~~~~~~