Hitting the shops before price hike...but what should I get?

  1. Ok...I'm probably going to go to Crown tomorrow or Wed, but I'm still tossing on what to get :s

    So far I've confirmed that I will get a Speedy 30 in Damier (only thing I've made up my mind on...for now:P )

    Then I could get:

    BH or BV (inspired by very HOT pics of the bag on a certain tPF member, u know who u r :graucho: )
    Groom Cles
    Something completely random (thinking a bandeau atm but I'm open to suggestions)


    Segur MM in red Epi...

    I can't decide :hysteric:
  2. ohh i just got a damier speedy 25. LOVE IT.
    i saw the BV on bb10lue and wow it looked SO good on her! made me want it aswell!

    i dont think im going to be very helpfull with your decision though. i love my groom cles, but after reading about how some peoples have already chipped im a little worried about using it, but i still do and its fine. lol and yesterday i brought a bandeau which is georgous hehe. told you ill be no help!

    im dying to get something else aswell before the price rise but my bf wont let me lol. he thinks i'v been buying to much lately
  3. I would get the groom cles with the bh.
  4. LoL I considered the bandeau coz it looked *so* cute on your cat :love:

    Umz...yea I heard about the chipping, but some ppl said that they didn't have any probs with it? Guess I'll just have to be really careful with it :Push:

    What have you bought lately? I need ideas!! :lol:
  5. I was thinking that...coz I really did need a bigger bag, but the Segur MM is so pretty :crybaby:
  6. ^^hehe~I dont think im goin to be very helpful either...I'd say get the Damier speedy (simply gorgeous and worry-free:heart: ), BV or BH (every girl needs a great shoulder bag:yes: ) and the Groom cles (its so cute and LE, get it before its too late):graucho: !!

    PS. I got my groom cles 3 weeks ago, haven't got any problem with it~~
  7. i got my cles when it first came out here and have carried it in my (tight) jeans pocket quite a bit and its been fine. i thnk i was just over worried. i'm definately glad i got it though.
    hehe yeh i took pictures of it on my cat before anything else. i decided on the black mc bandeau because the mc is so cute, and i chose black because i felt for me it would be most practical. i plan on using it as a belt on dresses, or as a headband or tie on my neck
  8. nono. get the damier speedy first.
  9. I was thinking of using one as a scarf, like the one on your cat :lol:
  10. How about the Groom bandeau? I use it to tie on my Rouge balenciaga bag, and it looks super cute:heart: !!!

  11. lol *love* how you rationalize~!!
  12. :yes: Actually I needed something to match my Damier zipped wallet...so I thought about the speedy...but now I'm having second thoughts, Alma's looking pretty :upsidedown:
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: OMG that is CUTE!!!! And LE too :nuts:

    Haha how much was it may I ask?
  14. ^Its AUD$150~:graucho: also comes in yellow!
  15. yep u definately gota get the damier speedy.
    the groom bandeau looks GREAT on your balenciaga bb10lue!! the SA showed it to me yesterday aswell but i had already had my heart set on the mc, and she told me that the groom is only cotton wheras the other was silk.
    i was going to wear it tonight as a scarf but was running late, lol, didnt have time to run to my room and grab it lol