Hitting the Outlet! Wish me luck.

  1. Oof, it's about 95 degrees in the early morning at the outlet area and that's what they consider cool. :push:
  2. Good luck mad!!! Hope you get some good things. When I went to the one in Orando I bought a few things for my SIL- she rec'd her doctorate! We are planning on going back for Thanksgiving and hope to buy some more for me
  3. What did you buy for your SIL?
  4. Show us your goodies! :nuts:
  5. Thanks blew! I'll post pics of my purchases if... oh I mean when I get them ;) You're banned from buying? I was supposed to be :shame:
  6. I am supposed to be banned....really hard for e to be though!

    Can't post pics because we gave them to her already, but it was a little nova pochette, coin purse, and the teddy umbrella for her. I bought a blue purse-can't even tell you what the name is since I have no clue! But I got it for $64 so I am not complaining. I really like burberry (almost as much as LV). There is something about the print that makes me happy!
  7. I'm so jealous, I wish there was an outlet near me...
  8. Good Luck.