Hitting NYC next week! :)

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  1. Vacationing in NYC next week :yahoo: Will be there for two weeks, aside from all the usual places, LV, Bergdorf, Henri Bendel, and anything else on 5th or Madison, what should I check out in terms of shopping...or anything else really :nuts:

    Any good places to eat dinner? I know for certain we're eating at Morimoto since he is a family friend and Nobu since I just love that place. That is probably enough Japanese food for that vacation for me...so anything other than that would be welcome.

    I've been there before, but am not anywhere close to having been everywhere.

    Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. hope you have tons of fun shopping, dining and just exploring NY!
  3. Thank you MrsJimmyh :smile: I'm hoping its a great trip as well, at least good enough to compensate for the bf not being able to come with me :cry:
  4. I love NY, and have been going there for many yrs. Have you been to ABC Home (great stuff) or Pearl River? Both are in the village, or close by it. Have fun!!!:heart:
  5. Thanks! :smile: Do you know if ABC ships stuff home? Is it like a furniture store or a store with large pieces?
  6. Berlyn-- hope you have fun in New York! Things have been a little wet for us, so hopefully it will have calmed down when you get here. Nobu and Morimoto might be good for sushi, but one of my personal favorites right now is Megu in Tribeca. Love love the tasting menu there. In terms of upscale dining, people seem to be really into Per Se, but I haven't been there yet.

    I am more inclined to spend more time shopping downtown, so I would point you to the Meatpacking and Soho areas for a different experience. Soho is kind of a giant designer mall, which I both love and hate, since it gets packed on weekends. There's a new Diane von Furstenburg shop in the Meatpacking, as well as Jeffrey (shoes shoes shoes) and a newcomer on Little West 12th called Iris, that stocks interesting European brands of shoes.

    Again, have fun!
  7. Oh yes Megu! I've heard good things about that place as well, may have to see if that can be fit in :smile: I am in desperate need of some new shoes, so I'll probably check out those places. Great advice :tup:
  8. have an awesome time girl!Sounds like a blast!!!
  9. I don't know for sure if ABC Home ships...furniture is one of their main items..but they have tons of other great stuff...all for the home...decor, bed, bath, and beyond...!! :lol: I got some beautiful picture frames there. It's fun to go and browse.

    Pearl River Mart is also a fun place to go. You'll come out with something!! It is merchandise from China; a lot of what you see you won't find elsewhere, and it's inexpensive, to boot!
  10. First I must say I am so jealous of your 2 week trip to NYC. Just moved to the West Coast from NJ (used to go to the city all the time) and have only been back twice in 8 months for a total of 5 or so days.

    Anyway, definitely check out Soho and Meatpacking as lulunewyork suggested.

    As for restaurants, I would highly recommend the following:

    Tao- Asian fusion
    Son Cubano- cuban food, very loud (in meatpacking district)
    Spice Market- Asian streat food (also in MPD)
    Mercer Kitchen- ecclectic, in SoHo
    Casa Mona- tapas
    Dos Caminos- mexican, great guacomole

  11. Justin Timberlake just opened his new restaurant today called Southern Hospitality on the upper eastside if you like bbq. I love shopping at H&M.
  12. If you like high end Italian...go to A Voce...a little touch to get a reservation but worth the effort. Park Ave. South location. Shopping? You should probably still be able to hit all the big sales...go to Saks if you haven't been for a while. Great renovation and always a great spot for lunch..ask for a window seat in the main restaurant. Budakkan is also fun for dinner...in Chelsea. Food is great. Have fun. All of us New Yorkers are heading out..if not out already for the summer so you should have the city pretty much to yourself.
  13. Thanks for the well wishing and all the great advice everyone :heart:

    Kalodie, thats good to hear! Last time I went to NY it was like billions of people on the street shoved into a tin can. I'd welcome to emptiness!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE Taos!!!
  15. Berlyn
    Have a great time !! MOMA is open free on Friday nights and if you haven't seen it since it was redone, that's worth a look -- we went last week then walked down to 44th between 5th and 6th to Daniel Boulud's "burger" place.
    Spice Market is pretty upscale to be called street food -- but it is good. I would also recommend Buddakan just north of the MP on 9th and/or Pastis in the MP district for brunch/people watching.
    There are now a whole raft of small designer shops along Bleeker heading east towards Soho.
    You didn't mention Barney's uptown -- definitely worth a stop and the sales should be going on full force.