Hitting Neimans two days in a row? Beware...

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  1. So I went to Neimans yesterday to exchange my greige twiggy, and was thrilled to walk out with this:

    First time I had seen the Matelasse IRL and really fell in love, so it came home w/me.

    Then today, decided to go back to get some skincare items, and look what they had JUST gotten in:

    Oops! Posted w/o uploading - I am having uploading issues, back in a sec...

    Here we are...
    Aquamarine city w/GH! I could not believe it! It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I said to the SA 'You didn't have this yesterday!' 'No, we just got it in this morning!' So of course, even though I already have two other cities w/GH, I had to have it. I :heart: the color! It is amazing IRL! Almost like 05 turquoise dimmed just a bit, which I really love! The color in this pic isn't the best, I will take pics in better lighting tomorrow. But trust me, this color is really, really, pretty!
  2. Hurry, Hurry!!!!!
  3. Hey girl i was just there today. Did i miss you again.:nuts: Congrats.:yahoo:
  4. wowww :drool:

    ahh i want another bbag right now :sad:
  5. :heart: love them both! Enjoy!
  6. congrats! can't wait to see more photos.
  7. i love both bags. congrats!
  8. I am posting messengerbaglover's pic because, at least w/the city and brief that NM had today, this pic is right on the money as far as color goes:


    I am sure it is gorgeous w/the classic hardware too, my SA at NM is checking to see if they have those available.
  9. Wow!!! Your handbags are amazing!!! Love that Aqua GH!

    So pretty..:drool:
  10. i am drooling!
  11. It's georgeous!! I'm so happy for you, infact, I'd like to be you right now!
    I just got my seagreen GH city this week, and am already planning for another one, most likely yours!!! I'm getting sucked innnnnnnnnnnn!!!
  12. yes yes-- the quilted bag is really fun. i like!

    and the GH is starting to grow on me, too... love the color!
  13. I love my Matelasse, but it does take some getting used to... the handles aren't as soft as on my city or first bags... but they do fit over my shoulder easily! I think it is a classic look and love the silver hardware on it! :heart: I am still wondering if maybe I should return it because of my aquamarine find today.
  14. i feel like the matelasse would be a better "structured" more formal bag to carry around, whereas the aquamarine is just a fun, spring color... looking at those pictures, i am in love with the aquamarine. i want to check it out in person...this definitely merits another trip to the balny store.
  15. luxelife :nuts: 0o0o0o yummy!!! LOVE both of your new b-bags!!! if you're not in LOVE :love: with the Matelasse then return it, but I reckon its a beautiful bag!!!

    I'm just gonna hang out here for a bit and drool :drool: