Hitting 5K posts!!! Woohoo!!

  1. Haha- so, today I'll reach the pivoting point of 5,000 posts!! and I just wanted to say :ty: to Megs and Vlad for creating this forum- I've met a lot of friends and have become so knowledgeble of bags--- to the pt where people are like :huh:?? :lol:

    Without this place I probably would have bought so much more than that fake LV wallet I was duped into back in the beginnings of my bag hunt. :roflmfao::smash:

    So- :drinkup: to all my TPF friends:dothewave:

    and of course

    And- don't be afraid to come to Alaska! I'm sure you'll recognize me b/c I'll be the one with the crazy bag in the snowstorm!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
  2. This calls for a happy dance...

  3. ^-- thank you! Happy dance it is!
  4. Yay!!
  5. I just reached 1,000 YAHOO