Hitler Cats

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  1. I had a Snowshoe Siamese that had a Hitler. It was cute on him. He was pure evil, though, so I think it's a sign.
  2. Oh, man, the thread title just about killed me!!! LOL!!!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:!
  4. lol this made me giggle.
  5. I think I laughed harder at all the easily-offended types who wrote hate mail to this site than I did at the cats.
  6. Lol!!
  7. Actually made me chuckle!
  8. How funny! They're still cute!
  9. i had a cat that didn't look like hitler, but it acted like it. pure evil!
  10. Hahahahaha! This totally made my evening!
  11. Awwww, so cute! In an evil sort of way...
  12. Too funny website with alot of comical remarks...sent the link to my cat loving friends!
  13. My cousin used to have a Hitler kitten... she was the last one in the litter to find a home. As she grew up, to my cousin's surprise, the dark spot eventually disappeared! Guess she wanted to change her look. :biggrin: