Hit and run last night

  1. So last night after leaving my sister's Thanksgiving dinner, I headed home. As I headed northbound to the freeway, I saw a truck pulling out of a gas station. I was driving at the very left and the gas station was at the right. I know for sure that he saw me because at first he/she was hesitant at first and the next thing I know he left the gas station all the way to the left of the street and hit me. After hitting me, he got in front of me and slowed down so I thought he was going to stop so he could check if I was alright. To my surprise he sped up leaving my right head light, bumper and fender damaged. Luckily I got his license plate and another car that witnessed the whole thing was willing to be my witness. I called 911 about the hit and run and the operator told me that it'll take another 30 mins. So I waited and the nice witness hang around for a few mins but soon left since their 2 little children were getting restless. The cop came in about 30 mins and told me that the license plate I gave was not a good combination. This made me bummed out because when the driver slowed down, I was confident that I got the right license plate but the cop said it doesn't match the description of the car. So I went to the gas station where that truck had came from and asked a lady employee there if they have cameras. She said there were 3-- covers the parking lot, inside the store, and the street in front of the store. The lady told me to call tomorrow to speak with her manager. I got her manager's number and went back to the cop that took my report and told him that store has cameras. He then immediately went to that gas station. This morning I called the manager of the store and the number was wrong. So I called the store and asked for the manager and that lady last night answered the phone. So I'm thinking, last night when I gave her my number, her hands were shaking and after I left she locked the store at 10:48 pm. Kinda odd time to lock up the store. I know it's ridiculous but I'm thinking that maybe that truck that hit me was an employee there leaving for work because it happened right at 10pm and it seems to me that she's covering for someone. Or maybe I'm just really still upset because I just called my car dealer and was told that for my head light alone, it is going to cost me around $1000. So there goes Christmas shopping this year.
  2. gerrylin, I'm so sorry that this happened to you...it doesn't sound like you were hurt, so that's the main thing. Can the police work with you to get the surveillance tapes from the store? What advice are they giving you? Don't be too hard on yourself about not being able to remember the plates in such a stressful situation. Even if you end up having to cover the cost of the repairs, the guy who hit you knows what he did and karma's a b*tch!
  3. From experience, I can tell you what might have happened, and I'm sorry it did happen to you:

    I was in a hit and run last year, around New Years. I was driving past a gas station down the road from my house when a green mustang sped off so quickly from the station, dirt flying everywhere, that they lost control of their car and swerved back and forth and then into me, even after I ran into the side ditch to avoid them. Sped off, didn't even think twice. None of the station attendants would help, or talk to the cops. The reason: one, it was two boys in the car, both underage and buying beer there (and are regular customers, apparently), and two, they were dead-drunk when they were buying it. The gas station owner would get creamed if they revealed that they were selling to someone who was underage and/or already intoxicated.
  4. Oh gerrylin...what a horrible experience. I'm so glad you are alright. I was a victim of a hit and run several years ago, thank God nothing major though. I was so stunned and shaken, I didn't get the license plate number. No one stopped to check on me either. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!
  5. How about staking out that same spot (preferably in a different vehicle) and see if the person who hit you comes back? If it is an employee, you can double-check the plate number.

    I am so sorry this happened. What's wrong with people who don't accept personal responsibility?
  6. Sorry this happened to you, I hope everything works out.
  7. oh man. im so sorry! i agree with speedy!
  8. How awful. I am so glad you weren't hurt. That's a good idea about staking out the spot, see if you can find that idiot.
  9. I'm soo sorry to hear this! I hope everything works out for you!:flowers:

  10. Sounds fishy. Can you try to get hold of the manager? The lady you spoke to doesn't sound very helpful. And if you can, like speedy said, try going there again and see if you can find that guy.
  11. I seriously hope that guy gets what is coming to him! I hate when people are not accountable for themselves!!! UGH!!!!
  12. GRRRR! All the more reason the cops should follow this up - to nab those underage, drink driving idiots and to nab the idiot gas station owner who is upplying alcohol to minors so that they can get drunk and endanger other people!

    Sorry, this makes me so angry. I'm glad you're ok though, thank god it wasn't worse.
  13. Sounds very strange that she locked up then I agree. I would go back in person and see the manager. I would tell the investigating cop everything that you wrote here in your post. Hit and Run is serious. I would say that, next time this person gets away with it they could leave a dead body behind. Repeat that too.
  14. well DUH! wouldn't the next assumption here for the cop be that the truck was a stolen vehicle then? You have the description of the truck and it should have damage on it - why can't they look for that then? so what if the plates don't match - they should be looking for them anyway! what kind of police department is this?
  15. If you have auto insurance, check with your insurance claims department to see if you have uninsured motorists coverage, which should cover your hit & run damages