History: What size was the original 1955 flap?

  1. Just curious - Anyone know the size of the original 1955 flap that started it all? :heart:
  2. I think 225 is the original size back in 1955
  3. Thanks! :smile: Interesting tidbit! Amazing how much bigger the typical bag has gotten!
  4. Interesting to know that! Yes, the sizes have come up in 226, 227, 228 as the days are.
  5. Interesting also is the pre-fall photos; purses are smaller.
  6. interesting...i've always wondered this too:idea:
  7. Shall we ask Coco herself?:p
  8. LOL! She looks like she's giving someone a good telling off, like she's fighting mad! Feisty! :boxing:
  9. Yes she does! It's hard to imagine a bag still being a classic after 50 years! Wonder what the price was at that time?