History of The Purse Forum

  1. I've gotten so much great info on tpf, I was wondering when,where and why it was started. thanks:love:
  2. I would be interested in that, too. Thanks for bringing that up, mikie.
  3. Me too :yes:
  4. Me three. Or four. Whatever. I'm not good with numbers. But I am continually astounded at what an incredible resource this place is, it would be fun to find out how it got started!
  5. Yea.. do share!
  6. Well everyone... I am happy to share the background of tPF. tPF came a few months after The Purse Blog was born. The Purse Blog was born one day on a whim- Vlad asked me why I spend so much time looking at bags all day and told me with all the time I spent looking I could just write about them. It literally started like that. Vlad is a computer science engineer and has been in this field forever. Without his know-how I would have NEVER started a website. So that day the Purse Blog was born. That was about in March of 2005 (well really January/February but we really started posting around March).

    Then that sumer, Vlad told me witht he growth of the site, a forum could be born and people would probably really want to talk about handbags. So in September of 2005, tPF was born. Vlad had worked with forums before and thought this could be a great forum for people who love this exact niche. First month or so was a bit slow, but the forum grew and everyday we watch it grow. It is doing amazing and we are completely astounded by what it has done. You all found us which makes it even more amazing!!

    Telling that story didn't sound very exciting, but the entire journey has been!!!... any more questions!!!!?! :flowers:
  7. Thanks, Megs. You really had your finger on the pulse of fashion--ahead of the curve! And it's grown into so much more. I'm sure there was a lot of work involved that us average people can't even imagine.

    I'm so glad I found tPF! :love:
  8. im sorry if this is too personal but i was wondering how old you guys are .. ive always wonderd
  9. they're babies! LOL!
    Kidding, but they're young!
    This Forum has developed SOO much just in the short time I've been here, it's been fascinating!
  10. Yeah, it has certainly grown very quickly.

    Thanks Vlad & Megs, it truly is a wonderful & site :heart:
  11. Thanks for the info and thank you for starting the site.
  12. I love that story - thanks Megs (and Vlad and Mods of course)

    I just love this place - couldn't imagine my life without it!:yes:
  13. Glad you all found us!! You are all what makes us what we are :yes:

    Baby Boo- we are babies, just got out of diapers!! JK.
  14. Vlad is over the half way mark of mid 20's - he will be turning 27 this birthday, and I am under the half way mark. I am the true baby- but I am legal to drink! :supacool:
  15. thats why i think this place has soooo much going for it and is a loved blog... you guys are young enough to know what we like and whate tc.. and Vlad is old enough to 'manage us' haha meant in the least sauciest way

    old young dead i LOVE this place