history of the paddy

  1. Can anyone tell me when the Paddy first came out? Was it just in tan? How long did they sell the tan color?
  2. I asked the same question last week.
    January 2005 I believe and tan was the original launch color.
  3. Paddingtons first came to the shop floor in late Feb/early March 2005.
    The first colour I remember was the Vanilla as I bought one at the time. The Tan was part of the same collection (S/S 05)
  4. Chocolate brown was one of the early, original season colors for certain. I THINK black was, too, but not absolutely certain. In the second wave, I know the first red paddy and khaki were among the colors.
  5. I still remember so clearly the buzz surrounding the first Paddys. There has still not been a bag to follow it for complete :must-have-ability. The brown and black came out slightly later, it was not a whole season later, but about 3 months after the Vanilla and Tan. :smile:
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