History of the doodads that come hanging on the bags

  1. I confess: I'm a sucker for that stuff. I don't know why. The favorite part of my bag is the stuff that comes hanging off of it. I've seen tassels, poof ball things, the bigger colored Coach tags, and then little versions of it. What else has there been? My coworker has metal Coach tags on her bag- was that what they used for certain seasons, or what?

    Note: I am one of the most easily amused people you will ever meet!! hehehehe
  2. I love those things too! They make me love the bags even more. Yes, i believe the metal ones where used for certain bags and seasons awhile back.
  3. I have to say that I love them, too! They add a little something extra to the bag. I have seen the metal ones before, and I don't know when they were from, but I have seen them on the optic line before.
  4. Me yoo ;)
  5. I admit I love those! I returned a hobo with blue fluffy tassle balls and wanted to keep them but like not right haha. I love the hangy things!!
  6. Yup, the optic lurex line has the metal tags. The satin madison bags has the rhinestone studded tags. The hamptons was the one that had the pom-pom balls last year then colorful leather tags. The dusted suede ones have dusted suede tags. There's so much more!
  7. the pleated hobos have the metal tags, as do the old (i mean OLD!) signature duffles.
  8. And then some of the bags also have the button looking thing with the tag as well.
  9. My pink pebbled leather soft duffle has a metal tag. And so does my mom's black leather duffle she recently got from the outlet. I like the metal tags better I think. Some of the leather tags I've had are bent or warped. The suede one on my lime suede wristlet gets scuffed really easily.
  10. My black leather duffle from 2002 has a metal tag. I love the oversized leather ones that were on the hamptons hobos, so cute!
  11. my tweed from 2 seasons ago had a leather tag and a little heart in red that said Coach...when I sold the bag on ebay I kept the little heart to put on other bags. I did have some with metal it was a slim duffle from about 3 years ago.
  12. I've got some metal tags, and some flat leather ones with the coach logo only on one side.