History Of The Brown/White Authenticity Tag

  1. Does anyone know when BV started using this authenticity tag? Were they in the bags from the inception? I don't have any recent BV bags--just a woven clutch I bought a while back--so I'm wondering--do they still use this same brown and white tag? Thanks.
  2. The bags I have bought recently don't have the brown/white tag, just the white tag sewn into a seam with a number on it. I have several vintage bags (probably from the 70's and 80's, but I'm not sure) and none have any fabric tag inside, just the metal plate with the name on it.

    I don't know which years they put those tags in or when they started the small white tag with the unique number on it. That must be fairly recent. I'd love to know all these little details also. I hope someone who knows comes along to enlighten us.