history of LV boxes, dustbag, packaging etc ?

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  1. note to mods :
    I tried searching for coverage of this topic using the advanced search, but to no avail, so I thought of starting this topic.

    I'm pretty new to collecting and using LV, and despite buying some literature/magazines/books/catalogues on the related subjects etc, this one still is a mystery to me ...

    does anyone have a compilation of the boxes/packaging etc that was used by LV in the past ? Perhaps, 70s and 80s would be too challenging, how about 90s, and after the year 2000 ?

    Some questions off the top of my head, for example :
    1. When did LV use the light brown Epi boxes (with box lids) ?
    2. When did LV use the darker brown Epi boxes (with box lids), but with dark green sleeves that the boxes slide into ?
    3. When did LV start using the current dark brown drawer slide out boxes ?
    4. Which product line came with a dark maroon/red dustbag ?
    5. Epi boxes with maroon colored sleeves that the boxes slide into ? what's up with this one ?
    6. dustbags - how did it evolve, I've seen darker brown ones with LV (and no 'Louis Vutton') and lighter (almost yellow) ones that have no LV but say 'Louis Vuitton' ? When did each dustbag style start being used by LV ?

    I'll try to supplement with pictures, hopefully this thread can become useful archived information!
  2. Here's a picture for #2 attached

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  3. Here's a picture for #5 attached; you can see the epi box and the maroon sleeve beside it.

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  4. For #6, here are some pictures of dustbags, older and newer.

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  5. And of course, some pictures for #1

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    I did some more searching, and I think #3 can be answered through the following thread - the newer dark brown drawer box packaging was launched around late 2004-early 2005.

  7. Hi Senocs,
    Thanks for this thread! It´s a pity that you have no replies yet. I was searching for LV red dustbags, as I wasn´t aware of their existence, since I saw a seller stating that "authentic LV come with red dustbags"!!
    And here you are, confirming that LV red dustbags do exist (but of course, not all LV bags - I would even say: only a few LV bags - come with red DB.

    Happy Easter to you!
  8. Number 4 only came with 2 lines.

    The Cerises line (2004 Murakami Collab of Speedy 25, Sac Plat, Keepall 45 and SLG's and Scarves) They all came with a red dustbag with "Louis Vuitton" written in Black

    AND the Panda line (Also Murakami COllab from 2004 or 05) Came in a Dark Red dustbag BUT this was only the Japan release of them (As Takashi Murakami is a Japanese Artist).

    Hope this helps:smile:
  9. Yes, it confirms, as the one I was watching with the red dustbag was precisely a speedy 25 by Murakami - the Cerises line. ;) Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if any of the Nomade bags came with the red/maroon dustbag? A friend of mine gave me a Nomade Speedy with a red/maroon dustbag and I was wondering if that was the correct dustbag or did she get dustbags mixed up?
  11. Hey today i went to lv to pick something that i brought 2 months ago for reparation, and it was in a dark red dustbag , i never saw it and was searching the internet and came here , i will try to add picture , i went to lv store Antwerp in Belgium
  12. Yes Nomade came in red dust bag
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  13. Good topic!

    I was also wondering about the material of the dustbags.

    The cream colored with 'louis vuitton' printed on feels more stiff, more like a woven cotton blend? hard to explain.
    I hope the photos are clear enough to see the difference.
    Its also not as fluffy as the brown felt material with LV, which made me question the authenticity.

    Does anyone notice that with the cream one as well?

    Thanks for any replies!

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  14. The brown ones were much softer but they did vary in softness/thickness over the years too.
  15. Hi, since the topic of the speedy 25 dust bag came up here, can I please have anyone to tell me if this dust bag look authentic ?? Dark brown color with LV (not Louis Vuitton) and scallop edges ... I have been searching and have not seen one dust bag with the scallop edges ...