History of Louis Vuitton handbags!

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  1. Louis Vuitton was trained as a luggage packer for upscale Parisian families in the early 1800's and began his rise to fame by being appointed by Napoleon III to pack the dresses of the Empress Eugenie. He got the idea of his famous handbags based on his extensive knowledge of luggage and actually began by designing luggage for the traveling rich in Paris.
    Louis Vuitton's earliest inventions included the idea of designing luggage that was flat and could easily stack in railway carriages. His rivals began imitating the rising popularity of his luggage designs which lead to the creation of distinctive stripes and checkerboard patterns.
    The business was formed in 1854 and luggage begin to give way to handbag designs. The ever popular Noe bags were originally made to carry 5 bottles of champagne but it's success was so phenomenal that upscale women everywhere began to carry this elegant bag. The Damier Canvas design had it's debut in 1888 and in 1896, the familiar Monogram design was launched to try and counteract the replicas made by his competitors who were copying his unique styles. The Monogram logo consists of intersecting LV initials with a curved beige diamond and a 4 point star inset. The design is continued by it's negative consisting of a beige circle with a four-leafed flower inset. A PVC coating is added to the fabric which is embossed with it's own design.
    Today Louis Vuitton still stands for the highest quality and any purse that comes from their factory that does not meet these standards is destroyed. This company has stood the test of time for 3 centuries and continues to be a force in the fashion history of handbags.
  2. If you are interested in the hitsory of Louis Vuitton ( I am as well, I like to know about the company where most of my money goes!) you should buy the book available at the stores right now. It is simply titled "Louis Vuitton". It cost $135 with tax (the book is huge!) but it is so worth it. Everything you ever wanted or needed to know is in there. The pictures are beautiful. It is in limited production. I love the book.
  3. That is so interesting! The Monogram Canvas will always be my favorite, IMO nothing looks more arrived than a set of that luggage and those handbags especiallly the big ones
  4. Thanks for sharing.... I adore LV.:nuts:
  5. Thank you! - And may I recommend (if you are interested in Chanel) a book I picked up at the Met - "Chanel and her world" by Edmonde Charles-Roux (an Abrams book) - inspirational history of the greatest designer of the 20th century. I enjoy learning about these great fashion house icons. I think it makes owning their creations so much more rewarding.
  6. I agree, knowing the history of the designer and the company makes the bags (or clothes, shoes, etc) so much more meaningful. I love to know the inspiration for each piece. I have a ton of fashion books including Chanel , but I do not have that particular one. I am a fashion student so I am always looking for a good book on fashion.
  7. oooo thanks for sharing this :biggrin: Very informative.
  8. Gotta love LVs!!! Thanks SuzyZ.