history of Kelly sizes

  1. Can anyone tell me what Kelly sizes are available? Are they only available in even sizes? If so, when did 35cm become a thing of the past? I didn't realize that certain sizes have come and gone. TIA :flowers:
  2. Kelly Elan
    Kelly Lakis
    Kelly Elong (sp?)
    JPG Mini Kelly
    Mini Mini Kelly 15cm
    Mini Kelly 20cm
    Kelly 25cm
    Kelly 28cm
    Kelly 32cm
    Kelly 35cm
    Kelly 40cm
    Kelly 50cm <~ travel Kelly
  3. Kelly Depesh <~Briefcase Stunning!
  4. Oh! And let's not forget the GIANT Kelly!!!!!!!!
  5. Racking my brain :hysteric: I think there's more!
  6. Can we delineate, though, between "vintage" sizes and modern sizes, if there IS a difference? I was under the impression that 35cm Kellys, for instance, were no longer made. But obviously I could be wrong about that!
    I know that the only ones I have seen in stores in the US for years have been "even number" sizes.
  7. I don't know about that. Where's HG? she will know more about this.
  8. Wait,... didn't someone here just purchase a Croc Kelly in the store in a 35cm? I think Haute Coturess
  9. I am SO confused! LOL
  10. Here you go Baggs:

    Kelly Longue

    and the briefcase is the Sac a Depeche


    (and there's also the Kelly Flat which only comes in 35 cm at the moment)
  11. ^^ YES YES,.. TY Gina for correcting :shame:
  12. Gina. The Briefcase is still in the Kelly department right?
  13. Kelly 35s are available this year......( there's one in my closet;))
  14. :tup: Good to know. I'm seriously considering one as a briefcase for work. I need it to be super used though.
  15. And it sure is purty!