history of gucci?or fun facts!!!

  1. could anyone direct me to a possible thread or other info regarding the history and just fun info regarding the line??? i am new to this part of the forum and just purchased my very first bag after saving for a long time!
    i :heart: it so much and would love any info
  2. Which Gucci did you get? Pictures! I don't know of any history or fun facts on Gucci...hmm
  3. please post the pics of your bag!

    i'm sorry but the only history i know is the one written in the cards that come with the bags...
  4. I think if you go to gucci.com, there's a little section there about the history of the House of Gucci as well as some background info on the current creative director Frida Gianini. :tup:
  5. thanks...i actually was able to get some info by googling gucci!!!!
    my new bag is the abbey medium hobo from the cruise 07 line with platinum trim!!!!
    i love this bag....my first and maybe only gucci!!!
    i'm not sure how to post pics otherwise i would love to show her off!!!
  6. You can use the "manage attachment" button when you reply, or image link the photo here like <img src="http://...>