history lesson?

  1. Just for my own interest (I'm not sure if there are others who are like me in having a bit of an interest in fashion history, just generally, and in 'bag history' -- I guess 'the history of handbags' (sounds momentous, no?) -- most particularly. I hope so, and apologies if not!)...
    I wonder if anybody remembers what time frame it was, when Moschino was producing that 'M' clasp bag (long skinny M for a closure), with see-through heart hardware (on the snap). Those who have seen these will remember, I hope! (I don't think that this was too too long ago...)
    Also, there was an Anya Hindmarch bag that had a carved wooden handle, with dog (I guess 'mastiff') heads. When did this come out? Anybody remember?
    Sorry, hopefully this is all not a bit too obscure! I promise you that I also love the modern stuff. It's just kind of interesting to trace where things come from, though, and how things have changed... Thanks!!!